Q: Does the Boomerang Booth print photos?

A: We designed the Boomerang Booth to be used for social media uploads and sharing via email. Because of the compression that is added to the videos and photos as well as the low resolution, we do not recommend printing. However, the Boomerang Booth can be connected to a printer depending on which software/app you choose. There is a great article on the Snappic website on how to do so HERE.

Q: How do I decide which software to use?

A: There are a few great software options available for the iPad that will capture boomerang videos as well as still photos. Which one is best for you would depend on what features are most important to you. We love SNAPPIC because after a ton of research and trial and error, it seems to be the most comprehensive software for our needs and at the best price. Plus, they have phenomenal customer service.

Q: How much time does it take to set up the Boomerang Booth?

A: You can set the Boomerang Booth up in less than 2 minutes and break it down in even less time. There is a short video HERE that will show you how to do both!

Q: How much does the Boomerang Booth weigh?

A: The entire system when set up weighs 12 lbs. In it’s case it weighs 20lbs

Q: Does The Boomerang Booth come with a warranty?

A: The iPad and LED light both come with a factory warranty. Should you have any issues with the enclosure or aluminum stand let us know and we would be happy to help!

Q: What kind of camera does the Boomerang Booth use?

A: If you purchase the Boomerang Booth with an iPad, we supply you with the newest generation 9.7” iPad. The iPad is set up so that it uses the “FaceTime” camera to capture photos and boomerang videos.